What Are The Health Benefits Of E-Bikes?

While cycling is not new to the world of health, electric bicycles have provided an alternative to people who want to continue cycling but might not have the strength or power left in their bodies. Now, the electric bike health benefits can be enjoyed by everyone of any age. 

Low-impact electric bike exercise can help to prevent heart disease and stroke, and it has the potential to help many people achieve weekly exercise goals without the need to overexert themselves. 

And not only will electric bike exercise help to improve your heart health, but you will also find your joint and overall health improving. Below we take a more in-depth look at the electric bike health benefits.

Excellent Cardiovascular Work Out

Because an electric bike requires pedalling at all times, you are providing your heart with a sustained workout. The pedal assist of an electric bike will only start working once you begin pedalling, and it will work in proportion with how you pedal. 

You are able to choose how much or how little assistance you need, allowing you to tailor your workout to your own preferences. This is ideal for electric bike exercise for older people who still want to enjoy the freedom of riding a bike but who need a little help getting over those hills and climbs. E-bikes provide a moderate level of exercise similar to jogging, which has been shown to improve heart rate and health in any age.

More Cycling For Longer Periods

One of the main electric bike health is that you can cycle more for longer periods of time. For example, a recent study showed that using e-bikes caused people to cycle more than they usually would with a normal bicycle, and for longer periods of time and for longer distances. 

The study found that to cycle to work every day on a normal bicycle (as was their sample group) there was too much planning involved which they did not enjoy. With an electric bicycle, you can travel greater distances over a shorter period of time, which makes them useful not only for commuting but for improving your exercise time each day.

Improved Mental Health

Being outside can greatly improve your mental health, especially if you previously were not able to venture out due to a lack of fitness or other issues. Riding an e-bike with your family or friends can reduce stress and improve your mood significantly. 

You may find that you have a reduced risk of depression, as fresh air and the endorphins released from exercise can improve your mindset. Your sleep will improve, which leads to the improvement of overall physical health. Due to improved blood flow, you will have a better memory and higher productivity levels, too.

Boosted Bone, Muscle, And Joint Health

Another of the electric bike health benefits you will experience is improved muscle and joint health. This is because an e-bike is heavier than a normal bicycle and the steering, pedalling, and balancing from an e-bike promotes better muscle and joint health by providing strengthening exercise.

As you become older, you may suffer from joint conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and chronic lower back pain. These can lead to an increased risk of injuries, but increasing your physical activity with safe practices like riding an e-bike can also help to improve your bone strength and limit fracture risk.

Creates More Confidence

Continuing to exercise into or past retirement age is a highly effective way to maintain your health, but for some in this age group, they may not have ridden a bicycle in years. An electric bicycle is a great alternative option as it helps those who might have lost their physical power to pedal as they did when they were younger. 

You will build up your confidence with the support of the pedal-assist system, and for those who are unsure of tackling any hills or trails, the motor is there to back you up when you need it. Being more confident will mean you are more excited about cycling, leading to more trips out on your e-bike, and more exercise.

Good For The Environment, Too

Arguably one of the major health benefits of an electric bicycle is that it is environmentally friendly. E-bikes emit much lower carbon levels than cars or motorbikes and do not use any form of petrol. E-bikes use energy with an average rate of 100 to 150 watts compared to 15,000 or so that cars use, meaning they improve the air quality around them. 

Breathing in better air helps to boost your lung health, contributes to better brain health, and helps to circulate your blood better, leading to better overall health. Choose an e-bike for an excellent cardiovascular workout, to cycle for longer, and to boost your bone, muscle, and joint health. Speak to Ezy Bike today for our options.