Which Electric Bike Should You Buy?

Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, are now one of the most popular categories of bicycle in the world, and this popularity is growing steadily in South Africa. With this in mind, if you want to join this exciting cycling revolution, the first question you likely have is, “What type of electric bike should I buy?”. 

The answer depends on a wide variety of factors, such as your fitness levels, the different types of ebikes on offer, and what you might be using the ebike for. Below we take a deeper dive into which electric bicycle you should buy for your needs.

What Is Your Fitness Level?

After asking, “What type of electric bike should I buy?” you will need to ask yourself what your level of fitness is. This will have a direct effect on the ebike types you should look at. 

  • The Elderly: If you are in the 55 upwards age range, you might feel that you are losing the body strength and flexibility you once had. An ebike allows older cyclists to continue their hobby. For older people who want to remain active or take up cycling as a form of exercise that will not put too much stress on their body, an ebike is ideal.
  • Partners Of Cyclists: Partners of cyclists who have previously watched their fit counterpart enjoying cycling can experience the same benefits using an electric bike. You can cycle with your partner, eliminating any stress or fatigue you might feel from a normal bicycle. 
  • Overweight Cyclists: If you are overweight, cycling can be a highly effective form of exercise to help aid in weight loss. However, normal bicycles can be intimidating and work on a power-to-weight ratio. An ebike makes it possible for an overweight person to easily enjoy cycling, which will lead to more cycling and ultimately, better overall health. 
  • The Injured: People with injuries might want to take up cycling to maintain their health, but are not able to do so because of the pedalling involved. Using an ebike that has a throttle and PAS option allows injured people to cycle and improve their health without putting too much strain on their bodies. 

Serious Cyclists: Now, you might think that a serious cyclist would not have any interest in an electric bike, but more and more cyclists are turning to them for an improved experience. Cyclists can work on improving their skills without experiencing too much strain.

What Are The Different Types Of Electric Bike?

Understanding the different types of electric bike you are interested in, such as an electric mountain bike or a leisure ebike can help you to make a decision. Below we look at what the different ebike types have to offer.


Mountain Bike:

An electric mountain bike is ideal for the more adventurous types. The added power of a motor and PAS feature allows you to tackle difficult hills and trails with ease. Electric mountain bikes are available as hardtails with front suspension or full suspension. Hardtails are better suited to lighter trails and full suspension models are more versatile.

Hybrid Or Leisure Bikes:

Hybrid electric bikes provide power to those who might need it while riding around town, on trails, and even bike paths. Some models have a front fork with suspension to absorb the bumps, while others have a more rigid fork.

Commuting Bikes:

Commuting ebikes are ideal for commuting to and from work or to the shops and back without working up too much of a sweat. You will need to look at the type of terrain you will be riding on, as more difficult terrain might call for a sturdier ebike than a hybrid model.

Final Thoughts

Thinking about which ebike you should buy can seem daunting at first but if you consider your fitness level and the type, you can quickly choose the right one for your next adventure. 

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