All you need to know about E-Bikes

Electric Bicycle FAQ's

All of the Ezy Bike electric bicycles comply with the South African Standard SANS 311/2007 as well as the European Standard EN15194:2012 and an EN15194:2012 compliance certificate is issued with each bike. The South African regulation dictates that:

1. The motor power (on pedal assist system mode) must be 250W or less

2. It must be fitted with a control that limits the maximum electric powered speed (on pedal assist system mode) to 25kph

3. The bicycle must be fitted with all the safety equipment recommended for normal bicycles

4. The bicycle must weigh less than 40kg 

5. The bicycle must look like a bicycle and have working pedals that are used as the principle method of propulsion

A high-powered electric bicycle (350W or over) does have legal implications. Ezy Bike has resolved this dilemma by introducing an electric bike range that combines both configurations. Our system allows the user to choose between the PAS or throttle mode, depending on whether they are on- or off-road, allowing for the full use of the power when it is safe and legal to do so. 

All of our electric bicycles are pre-set to the road-legal mode of 250W and 25 kph speed by default. The dual-mode system is embedded in an LCD dashboard which can be programmed by the user to increase the speed and unlock the full power of the dual system via the intelligent controller.

No, in terms of current legislation no drivers licence is required for an Ezy Bike electric bicycle, but you must comply with the Road Traffic Legislations.

This means that the ebike should look like a bicycle, weigh less than 40kg, and  cannot exceed a continuous 250W power level, as well as having pedals as the main means of propulsion. Your electric bicycle should also not exceed a maximum speed of 25mph or 32km/h.

If you can ride a normal bicycle, you can also ride an electric bicycle. With our electronic technology, electric bikes are accessible to any rider, from the daily commuter riding to work and back, or to the health-conscious going for a Sunday bicycle trip in the countryside.

Hills are unavoidable but are easily conquered by an Ezy Bike. There is the option of either pedal or battery power, using PAS or throttle. You can use the throttle to activate the quiet electric motor on your e-bike, allowing you full control over your speed. You can add pedal or throttle as desired, or use the throttle and add pedal power as you wish.

Ezy Bikes are fitted with an intelligent LCD dashboard that provides a wealth of information, such as the battery capacity, a speedometer, maximum speed, average speed, single trip time, total trip time, walking power assist, trip distance, total distance covered, and the PAS levels (one through five).

E-bikes are water resistant but not water-proof and you should treat your e-bike as you would any electronic under the rain:

1. Avoid excessive rain and do not submerge your e-bike in water.

2. Apply dielectric grease to all electronic points of your bike to avoid corrosion.

3. Dry your bike after the journey to maintain longevity.

4. Dry the battery and the battery cabin once the trip is over.

Riding an e-bike on the beach offers you the option to explore the sandy beaches of South Africa without putting pressure on your body. There are some useful hints you can follow to make the journey easier. 

1. Inspect your e-bike for sand, grit, and water after every journey and remove sand with a damp cloth when you are back from the beach

2. Don’t lubricate your chain before riding on the beach, but rather clean and lubricate it after your beach journey

3. Keep extra tyres and tubes on you to avoid wear and tear on the tyres from sand

4. Lower your tyre pressure to make riding through sad easier and not too tiring

Perfect for the on-the-go traveller or those with a small or limited amount of storage space. The folding e-bike is typically suited to urban areas, and the light weight makes it perfect for those who want to get the most out of their city. 

1. Folding e-bikes are easy to transport and can be packed into the boot of your car without hassle.

2. You can easily tuck it into the corner of your office or garage for storage.

3. They are light-weight and easier to ride for those who may not have the body strength they used to.

4. It has all the power of an e-bike with the added benefit of easy handling and a compact frame.

5. Thanks to the smaller wheels and surface area, you can reach faster speeds in a quicker time.

Using electrical PAS power in South Africa means that you are legally required to maintain a speed of 25.4kph. However, you are able to increase your speed, where allowed, using the pedal assist system or the throttle. Some of the ebikes we sell can reach up to 32kph.

If you are going on a long journey, you will find that an electric bicycle is not the fastest mode of transport. But, if you are going for a bike ride around your local park, electric bicycles certainly pack a punch. 

You can easily take advantage of routes and paths that avoid too much traffic, or more strenuous bike paths, using the power of the motor to improve your endurance and speed.

Ezy Bike batteries are 36volt 10.4Ah Lithium-ion linked to an advanced battery management system (BMS). Lithium-ion batteries do not develop ‘memory’ and you can expect a battery life of up to 500 charges. Charging the batteries does depend on how depleted the batteries are. Charging an almost depleted battery back to 100% can take 4 to 8 hours. 

The intelligent digital battery charger communicates with the battery management system and has an auto stop when the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging.

Depending on the weight of the rider, as well as the terrain and the pedal power, a single charge range can be up to and over 30 to 50km.

Maintaining your electric bicycle is as easy as maintaining a normal bicycle, with a few tweaks, of course:

– Keep your e-bike clean and invest in a degreaser

– Check your tyre pressure before and after a journey

– Keep your battery charged and only use the given charger

– Check that the handlebars and the stem are secure  

– Always check that the brake cables are tightened securely

– Ensure that gear changes are easy and smooth, without any hitches

We have fitted the throttle option onto our Ezy Bike models. Throttles provide full power on demand, making it easier for starting from a traffic light, stop sign, or hill. They provide a burst of power for safely cycling through busy roads or intersections. The Pedal Assist System (PAS) senses your pedalling pressure and provides assistance automatically.

 PAS’s are most popular with experienced cyclists who prefer a more natural, “bike-like” riding experience. A PAS is wonderful for long rides on relatively flat terrain, as you can relax and enjoy the ride. For a PAS mode, because you provide some propulsion, you use less battery power than in throttle mode. The ultimate e-bike, as in all Ezy Bike models, should have both PAS and a throttle available. Even if you prefer only PAS, why should you not have the alternative of using a throttle?

Choosing the right tyre for your electric bike is vital. The tyre can have a significant impact on how your bike handles and rides, and can also impact the ease of your ride. Below is some helpful information on fat and thin tyres. 

1. Most people ride their e-bikes on hard surfaces or roads. Thicker, fat tyres are ideal for this terrain

2. Fat tyres have flat, smooth tread for safe riding in wet conditions.

3. Thin tyres are sometimes slick and are not useful for wet conditions. 

4. Fat tyres provide more cushioning and additional suspension for your bike. 

5. Thin tyres are faster and more efficient and can provide better ride on the road, as opposed to fatter tyres. 

6. Fatter tyres mean more resistance, which could drain your battery faster. 

7. Thinner tyres are more susceptible to potholes so should be used more for smoother roads.

Always think about the terrain you will be riding on and consider what type of journeys you will be going on using your bike.