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Never Stop Seeking Mountains

Never stop chasing mountains serves as an open invitation to experience a new chapter of life and all the adventure it offers. Where some see a bike, we see the potential to make age inconsequential to making new memories with friends and family. We see the power to say yes to adventure and explore every dusty path, to take the grandkids on a bike ride and to pass every out of breath twenty-five-year-old on a hill.

It’s simple, we don’t work with bikes, we work with opportunity.

"You Truly Get What You Put Into It"

Getting an Ezy Bike was one of the best decisions of my senior life. Age is something nobody can get ahead of, no matter how fast your electric bike can go, and when you get older one of your biggest focuses is comfort. Which is exactly what Ezy bike delivers by the bucket load. When my girlfriend and I first started using our bikes, we didn’t realise the enormous potential we had tapped into, but after a few excursions, we were hooked. Our life has exploded on all levels, from exercise to our social life as now even our friends are now starting to hop on the train with us. We go on trails together, trips to the store and even our causal rides through our town have become a daily favourite. It didn’t us take long to realise that what we put into it, we get out, so we decided to put a lot in. Life was good before Ezy bike, but I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t gotten better.
Bob North

"I Feel Empowered. And It All Comes From A Little Motor On A Great Bike"

I consider my decision to purchase an Ezy bike an accomplishment in itself, as an e-mobility enthusiast, I decided to invest in an ebike and as a businessman, I can certainly say it’s been worthwhile. I’m relatively new to the game, I’ve only had it for 4 months but I use it almost every day and actually surpassed 1000km, although I can’t take complete credit for that as the kids jump at any opportunity to take it for a spin. If I had to say what I use it for the most I’d have to say “life”. Sure I use it as a shopping bike, but I also use for trails, to travel to work and on leisure trips around our wildlife estate. It makes me feel empowered to take on my day knowing that I’m spending R1 per day on travelling expenses while cutting down on my environmental footprint and all without breaking a sweat.
It amazes me that one little motor that’s attached to a great bike has not only revolutionalised my active life and my finances but has given me something to do with my family that we all enjoy equally. Ezy bike is a great toy, a fantastic tool and a wonderful addition to any lifestyle. Guaranteed. 
Ridwaan Haywood

Accept Life’s invitation for adventure

A New Lease On Life

The whole world lies before us, but figuring out the first step of a journey can be the most difficult part of all, choosing where to go, and what to see along the way seems simple, and with so many incredible places just waiting to be explored the map can seem daunting at first. But with courage, motivation and a bit of extra firepower, we can show you how every road can become a highway.



Cape Town


The beautiful city of Cape Town seems as though it was made for people looking to enjoy the leisurely lifestyle of an E-bike. With an overabundance of spectacular spots, it seems impossible to choose just one ideal E-bike adventure.
The dramatic scenery of Chapman’s peak, combined with the winding roads is perfect for those who want to be active while enjoying the sunshine, sea and mountains. Not to mention taking an afternoon to effortlessly glide between the
people taking a stroll along the Sea Point promenade is a fantastic way to breathe in the beauty of this coastal city.

But in our opinion, the best place to begin is the southernmost tip of Africa itself. Cape Agulhas is famous for its incredible scenery and is considered one of the must-see places for families, tourists and adventurous spirits. However, if you don’t want to drive there, the walk to this bucket list spot can be almost as breathtaking as the views themselves. Which is why an E-bike is a perfect companion for those who want to be active without overexerting themselves.
The dusty roads and rocky paths become easily conquerable, and the uphill moments become an enjoyable meander. Armed with the Ezy Bike, the journey to the edge of the continent loses all its hassle while still being an active, fun and invigorating experience.

When it comes to looking for an adventure in Gauteng, all roads lead to one place: Hennops.

Home to multiple outdoor activities, the Hennops biking trail is one of a kind, with multiple trails to pick from, the world opens as every option is not only viable but easy and delightful to experience.

For an easy-going ride, try the 5km River Trail. This leafy ride is a beautiful flat section of the park that offers a 30m suspension bridge, swirls, turns, berms and few ups and downs.

Or if you feel like it, why not try the Safari ride and spot some animals as you take on the 4.5km. The Safari trail goes through the game fenced 4×4 park. With some steady climbs and downhill single tracks to enjoy, take a moment to breathe in the fresh air while keeping an eye out for Zebra, Impala, Blouwildebees, and Kudu.

Hennops is the perfect spot to enjoy the Ezy Bike as while their biking trail is fairly long, all the difficulties are replaced with ease as your bike does all the hard work for you.

The rocky outcrops, shallow streams and leafy pathways are paired with great weather and stunning views to create a paradise of epic proportions.


eastern cape

Explore lady’s slipper in a pair of heels.

We don’t seriously recommend doing that, but it’s great to know that with Ezy bike you can.

Nestled in the heart of WitteKlip Nature Reserve, the lady’s slipper trail is said to look like an upside high heel, though chances are you’ll be so immersed in enjoying the ride that you’ll forget you’re going uphill in the first place.

Made popular by tourists and locals alike, it’s not hard to see why this trailis ideal for those who enjoy the finer things of the natural world. Beset on all sides by wondrous views, the rocky pathways and inclines can be difficult for those with low fitness levels or unmotorized bicycles.But armed with the Ezy bike you’ll be able to absorb the majesty nature has to offer without overexerting yourself.

An important thing to note is that while the trail is easily accessible, you will be required to buy a permit allowing you to disturb the serenity of the privately held nature reserve. Expect to find mind-blowing views that make the 5km bike trail easily one of the most worthwhile ways to spend your time in the Eastern Cape.

Take snacks, water and leave all your worries behind as you enjoy the world around you.

Lithium-ion Battery

500+ charges can be expected and each charge from fully depleted will take roughly 4-8 hours. Ezy Bike batteries auto stop when fully charged to prevent overcharging.

LCD Intelligent Dashboard

Receive information on battery capacity, speed, single trip time, total trip time, walking power assist, trip distance, total distance covered and PAS levels (one through five.)

Fully Compliant and Legal

All bikes comply with the South African Standard SANS 311/2007 as well as the European Standard EN15194:2012 and an EN15194:2012 compliance certificate is issued with each bike.

A wonderful addition to any lifestyle

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