The Bloukrans - Folding Electric Bike - Model E002

Product Description

Our Bloukrans ebike is one of the most useful electric bicycles on offer, thanks to its folding nature. It offers easy handling and a comfortable ride, as well as compact storage capabilities. This nifty little model is also equipped with a rear carrier. 

Who Is This Bike Perfect For?

The Bloukrans folding ebike is perfect for people who enjoy scenic rides, holidays, and relaxing journeys. You can easily fold it to transport it on the back of your car, onto your yacht, or to keep in a small space while you’re not out riding.


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Drive manner (how the ebike is propelled)– Pedal Assisted System (P.A.S.) or Throttle

Motor (supplements your pedal power) – High Speed Brushless (The motor can reach a power level of 250w when using a pedal assist system and 350w when using a throttle)

Battery – 36V 10.4Ah Lithium-ion. To replace or charge the folding ebike battery, unlock the frame with a key then and the battery will simply slide out.

Charging time – For a full charge, 4-8 hours is ideal.

Controller (connects all electrical components together) – 36v 14A with Intelligent LCD display for ease-of-use.

Max speed – Using the motor with the pedal assist system, you can reach 25 kph. Using the throttle, you can reach up to 32 kph.

Range – On full charge, you can reach up to 30 to 50km. You will need to consider the terrain you are riding on, the weight that you will be carrying, and how much you will be using the battery while riding. 

Wheels – 26” made from aluminium with steel spokes.

Tyres – 26″ x 1.95” thin tyres, which are ideal for urban commuting and daily riding.

Brakes – Disk on front and Rear

Suspension – Zoom Front Fork suspension, which helps to absorb impacts on the front wheel to smooth out the ride. 

Frame – Aluminium Alloy

Gears – Six speed derailleur (the number of speeds correspond to the number of cogs on the cassette). 

LED lights – Front and rear LED lights for optimal visibility to rider and surrounding vehicles.


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"Unbelievable! That pretty much sums up my experience riding the Ezy Bike for the first time! Definitely worth it, now time to get the rest of my family one."
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